NI-KA LLC., the manufacturer of Nikalit® brand fiber cement cladding sheet, was founded on December 30th, 2003. The fiber cement corrugated roofing & cladding sheet production facility, the main focus of the company, is situated on 18000 m2. area in Izmir.

We are in close proximity to main roads, sea port harbor and airport, so we can offer vast logistical support to our customers upon request.

With engineers having 40 - years of - experience in the field of interest and highly trained staff specializing in fiber cement production, subsequent to 2007 asbestos ban in Turkey, we have successfully developed an asbestos-free production technology and upgraded our manufacturing lines accordingly. Today, our company continues the production of asbestos-free, environmentally friendly roofing and cladding sheets and accessories.

Nikalit® brand cladding sheets consist of cement as hydraulic binder, additives, organic process fibers and high quality reinforcement fibers. Fiber cement corrugated sheets are long lasting, light weight roofing and cladding materials used in the construction industry. Natural composite material Nikalit® sheets possess higher strength/weight ratio and higher flexibility compared to conventional concrete. Nikalit® 2011 Tüm hakları saklıdır