Fiber cement corrugated sheets, have been utilized to cover millions of square meter roofs since the late
With ease of installation, high mechanical properties against wind load and soft body impact, Nikalit® provides an economical and long lasting roofing solution.
Light weight and durable Nikalit® sheets help reduce the construction weight on roof and facade, and makes it possible to cover large areas in short period of time.
Nikalit® fiber cement roofing and cladding sheets and accessories are used on residential structures, sheds, carports, industrial and agricultural buildings, warehouses and various large scale roofing and cladding purposes.
19th century, are now produced without asbestos.
The new asbestos free Nikalit® Corrugated sheets' strength has been increased while still using the proven traditional installation method. Nikalit® 2011 Tüm hakları saklıdır