Asbestos Free
Nikalit® does not contain health threatening asbestos

Impact and Load Bearing
In the production process, a multilayer fiber reinforced cement matrix undergoes a chemical reaction under constant mechanical pressure which results in the formation of high strength silicate crystals. Just like the concrete used in dams, Nikalit® sheets gains additional strength during service life with ambient moisture.

The integrated engineering fibers work as steel bars in ferroconcrete blocks. However, these fibers are well dispersed within the material so the strength of the sheet is uniform throughout the sheets.

Endless Possibilities
During the green stage of Nikalit® sheet production, the fiber cement dough can be formed into any shape. This means a vast array of solutions are available to the needs of modern architectural design projects.

Condensation Control
During the winter it is common that the water vapor inside buildings, contact with metallic roofing material under the dew point temperature and condense on the surface and eventually drip inside buildings. Nikalit's ability to absorb vapor (as much as 25% of its dry weight), and diffuse it to the outside when conditions are more favorable, provides excellent condensation control.

Resistant to Storm
Thanks to its increased dynamic load bearing properties and the 4-point per sheet screw fastening method, Nikalit® is impervious to storms. Its aerodynamic surface and closed installation technique on each other provides smooth and safe airflow over the roof.

Resistant to Chemicals
Because of their high level of acid and alkaline resistance, Nikalit® roofing sheets are apt choice for industrial buildings and nearby residential buildings where metal corrosive acid rains might occur.

Production of fiber cement composite materials requires minimal energy consumption and thus creates comparably less carbon emissions. Unlike some plastic based materials, fiber cement does not release toxic volatile compounds as a result of heat buildup during hot summer days. Furthermore, waste created during production or on the work site does not require special handling.

CE Marking
Nikalit® corrugated sheets bear the CE mark and comply with the requirements of European Standard EN 494 (NT - asbestos free).

Nikalit® springs an aesthetically pleasing look on your roof and walls. Depending on the architectural design of your building, the natural stone gray sheets can be painted any color at the job site. The smooth surface of the sheets require a minimum amount of paint to be used.

Fiber-cement Nikalit® sheets do not oxidize, this provides an obvious durability advantage over metal roofing which can easily rust when its protective layer damaged.

Acoustic Comfort
Unlike metal roofing, Nikalit® dramatically reduces the noise of rain and hail. The sound insulation property of Nikalit® provides acoustic comfort at your work place or farm.

Resistant to Fire
According to EN 1182 reaction to fire tests, Nikalit® rated as A1, the highest grade among construction materials. Non-combustible Nikalit® sheets does not melt with heat. In case of fire, fiber cement composite restricts the spread of raising flames.

Nikalit cladding sheets have lower initial and maintenance costs compared to aluminum and coated metal materials.

Nikalit's proven traditional installation method and various fitting accessories provides cladding solution for any kind of building.

Dimensional Stability
Nikalit® cladding sheets are not susceptible to rapid temperature changes. They do not soften, sag or become deformed in the summer heat.

Mainenance Free
Nikalit® roofing sheets requires no maintenance expenses.

Thermal Insulation
Fiber cement materials have approximately 200 times lower thermal conductivity than colored metal sheets. Nikalit® roofing sheets have lower heat build-up on roofs, which helps reduce building insulation expenses. Heat insulation property of Nikalit® is mostly favored by dairy farms where efficiency is important.

Resistant to Pests
The alkaline properties of fiber-cement ensures resistance against mold, rodent and insect damage. Nikalit® 2011 Tüm hakları saklıdır